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  4. hey bro Watch your words i'm not trying to get in troubles here.
  5. Hello @Maradox The time required is 10 hours of games on our server for apply for admin, you still need 7h30 🙂
  6. well yes but ur ingame hours is low and thats still a no for me, try again next time kid
  7. like i said, i become active now 😄 i can play everyday 4-8 hours per day even 10 hours
  8. low ingame hour so no for me plus ur biodata says ur inactivity got u demoted and we want active mods so ye
  9. - Part 1 - Name Nizar Naimi Age 15 Official Steam-profile Sorry, i Lost my Account Gotta Create New One Discord nickname xMaradox~!#8388 Server Playtime i Won't Lie Its My First Time Playing It, So "2h 30m Hour" Your timezone GMT Your English level My English Skills Are Pretty Good ->8.5/10 - Part 2 - Do you have any experience in administrating servers? Yes i Do, i Had Like Admin in 3 Servers, But My Inactive Got me Demoted. Also Other Games That i Have Admin on it rn, but i become Active now a lot.
  10. This is a different plugin from the !soundname (Torchlight) ?
  11. Description: Use chat triggers to play sounds associated to it. Play action sounds for actions like kids, back, defend etc. User commands: !sounds Display a settings manu !soundlist Display a menu of sounds to play Triggered chatsound: aargh alarm back balls banana biatch brains bruh bye coco crickets dark defend dj english fuckyou gasolina gay gg gj haha hello hey hot hya jeff ketchup kickass
  12. so we also need craziest and best map in our server
  13. well i mean thats the only ze based zm map that probably existed in my opinion but we're more likely focused on ze rather than zm, well idk bout that let the rest decide ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Add Map : zm_4way_fix_2c this map is so crazy and best. i dont know u like thismap or not but this is my fav map ever and ever in zm ze we can edit this map eh to supreme elite Remove Map : if we dont add this map then we need to remove zm_cloud_v2 zm_4way_fix_v2c.nav zm_4way_fix_v2c.bsp
  15. i am 17 year old now i am funny and crazy person in school my frnd call me angerman i dont like putting other guy nickname. love playing game and pc games too
  16. until
    Imagine the lights go out, never to return. Bright aurora flare across the sky, and all humanity’s technological might is laid to waste, neutralized in a kind of quiet apocalypse or worse @kirp becomes Supreme-Elite leader 😱. Everything that has shielded humanity from the disinterested power of Mother Nature is suddenly wrenched from us, dropping us a few links down the food chain. Food and water are scarce. The roads are no longer safe. And winter approaches… Prize for the winners of the last level: Dedicated halloween skin accessible only for the winner!! Info about the event:
  17. ight lets make it clear, str8 to the point, ur still rejected lad, if u got rejected thrice, dont expect bolol will give u another chance
  18. I can start making the first post to introduce myself. I'm cerocool881, some know me from other ze servers. I am a Canadian from Quebec. 22 years old with a legitimate little brain, and like winning a zombie escape, but I lose most of the time. i only like to play zombie games except UFC and FIFA. I also play on xbox one s and pc.
  19. Putain les mémories, c'était la bonne époque zebi
  20. kirp

    Event #5

    Hello baguettes! This week, we will play an oldschool map, minecraft adventuresEvent overview. Minecraft adventures is very nice: it has decent item support , interesting and linked plot, 4 levels and hard bossesHow to win and prizes.Beat the map at the stage of 3-43 days of vip for defenders with 15k+ dmg (doesnt stack)4 days of vip for stage 3 winners7 days of vip for stage 4 winnersInfo about the event: Leader: kirpichik Map: ze_minecraft_adventure_v1_2cServer: [FR] Zombie Escape | supreme-elite.frIP: https://discord.supreme-elite.fr/Stats: https://stats.supr
  21. kirp

    Event #4

    Hello doorhug sq members! On this saturday we will have an event on an old map.Event overview. Zombie factory is a decent map with every single thing you need to make a good ze map: boss,item and good teamwork How to win and prizes.Beat the map at the stage of 5-63 days of vip for defenders with 15k+ dmg (doesnt stack)5 days of vip for stage 3 winners 10 days of vip for stage 4 winnersInfo about the event:Map: ze_zombie_factory_v1Server: [FR] Zombie Escape | supreme-elite.frIP: https://discord.supreme-elite.fr/Stats: https://stats.supreme-elite.fr/
  22. admun add this sound please {"names": ["!minas_chepoff"], "sound": "chepoff_minas.mp3"} chepoff_minas.mp3
  23. Hello, players of doorhug elite. On this week we're gonna play a casual map 8 level map called minas tirithEvent overview. Minas tirith is an old map with a lot of fun and griefing. It doesnt even matter if you didnt get the grief item - you can always trap people with cades!How to win and prizes.Beat the map at the extreme 1-4 levels3 days of vip for defenders with 15k+ dmg (doesnt stack) 5 days of vip for extreme 1 winners10 days of vip for extreme 2 winners Torchlight access for extreme 3 winners (i highly doubt that people will beat it Secret prize for extreme 4 winners (white knigh
  24. 47 Game: The_Elder_Scrolls_Online
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