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    What's up guys! I hope you are doing well! A New Start As you've probably already seen, we've decided to open a new Zombie Escape Server on CS:S. We already have some motivated players / admins, and we are still waiting for you to join us 😉 For the occasion, we've decided to offer a cashprize (250€) for the most motivated players! How To Win Well it's kind of simple, all you have to do is come to play on our server. The 3 TOP players of the rank after a week will receive the money. (The rank is only active when there is 10+ players) Informations Date: From Saturday 18th, 5PM GMT to Saturday 25th, 5PM GMT Server: [FR] Zombie Escape | supreme-elite.fr | FREEVIP IP: Discord: https://discord.supreme-elite.fr Stats: https://stats.supreme-elite.fr/ € PRICE GLOBAL STATS 1st 125€ 2nd 75€ 3rd 50€ VIP PRICE ACTIONS Top defender (6 months vip) Damaging the Zombies (6 months vip) All Zombies eliminated (6 months vip) * Admins are allowed to participate, (any abuse of admin rights or people use bug to facilitate the win will be disqualified) * Stats will be reset at the event start. Thanks to @ Raphi for help!!
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    Congratulations to the player @ 666 @ `Luffy @ ShadowHyper Please contact me on the forum
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    Hi guyes, Spawn emotes above you head by typing an emote name in the chat. 😁 use this command in chat ANELE gachiGASM HeyGuys Jebaited KappaPride LUL MingLee WutFace 4House FeelsBadMan forsenE HYPERBRUH OMEGALUL PagChomp TriHard LULW PepeHands
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    Hi guys, I publish a collection of entWatch, stripper and BossHP configs for Supreme-Elite CS:SOURCE ZE. Do not hesitate to participate to help us make the server the best it can be and help other people create their own server. 🤜🤛 https://github.com/Supreme-Elite/css-ze-config
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    Hi guys! A new player has 1000 points. Every time you make a kill, you gain a certain amount of points depending on a) the victim's points rating, and b) the weapon you used. If you kill someone with a higher points rating than you, then you gain more points than if you kill someone with a lower points rating than you. Therefore, killing newbies will not get you as far as killing the #1 player. When you are killed, you lose a certain amount of points, which again depends on the points rating of your killer and the weapon they used (you don't lose as many points for being killed by the #1 player with a rifle than you do for being killed by a low ranked player with a knife). This makes moving up the rankings easier, but makes staying in the top spots harder. Specifically, the equations are: Killer Points = Killer Points + (Victim Points / Killer Points) × Weapon Modifier × 5 Victim Points = Victim Points - (Victim Points / Killer Points) × Weapon Modifier × 5 Plus, the following point bonuses are available for completing objectives in the following games: What are all the weapon points modifiers? Weapon points modifiers are used to determine how many points you should gain or lose when you make a kill or are killed by another player. Higher modifiers indicate that more points will be gained when killing with that weapon (and similarly, more points will be lost when being killed by that weapon). Modifiers generally range from 0.00 to 2.00. How can I edit my profile and set real name, e-mail address, homepage and ICQ number? Player profile options can be configured by saying the appropriate gameme_set command while you are playing on a participating gameserver. To issue commands, push your chat key and type the command text. Syntax: say /gameme_set option value Acceptable "options" are: realname Sets your Real Name as shown in your profile. Example: /gameme_set realname Joe Bloggs email Sets your E-mail Address as shown in your profile. Example: /gameme_set email [email protected] homepage Sets your Home Page as shown in your profile. Example: /gameme_set homepage http://www.geocities.com/joe/ icq Sets your ICQ Number as shown in your profile. Example: /gameme_set icq 123456789 Note: These are not standard Half-Life console commands. If you type them in the console, Half-Life might give you an error. My rank is embarrassing. How can I opt out? Say /gameme_hideranking while playing on a participating gameserver. This will toggle you between being visible on the Player Ranking and being invisible. Note: You will still be tracked and you can still view your Player Details page. Use the Search page to find yourself.
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    Sup bois, i have a suggestion! Why dont we add maybe the best map in the universe - ze_pizzatime_v4s ? Also someone on server suggested ze_roof_adventure_v5s
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    Hi, Hey guys, here's how you can link your Discord account to your forum one. Join our Official Discord! NOTE: If you signed up or in with Discord, your account is already linked. Step 1: In the top right of the forum page, click your username, and then click "Account Settings" Step 2: Click on the Discord tab Step 3: Click on the "Sign in with Discord" button Step 4: Login to Discord (note: if you're already logged in, this step is skipped) Step 5: Click the "Authorize" button Step 6: SUCCESS 🥳
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    Ducoup raphi ça avance ta map ?
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    SourceMod have 3 methods of using sourcemod commands !command - this method can be used only in chat and everyone can see this command executed by you. /command - also can be used only in chat but your message will be hidden in chat. sm_command - this method works only in console. (In the next examples i'll use this method) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zombie:Reloaded commands: sm_zmenu (/zmenu , !zmenu) what did it do: Open Zombie Reloaded Menu. sm_ztele (/ztele , !ztele) what did it do: Teleport to your spawn. sm_zspawn (/zspawn . !zspawn) what did it do: if you join late, use this command and you will spawned. sm_zmarket (/zmarket , !zmarket) what did it do: Buy Weapons and making setup to your spawn weapons. sm_zclass (/zclass , !zclass) what did it do: Choose/Select your classes skins (Your Zombie & Humans Skins). Rank Commands actually it's not needed to use !sm_command in this situation rank !rank Current Position top10 [top5, top20] Top-Players in the ranking Official Server Commands: !tp Thirdperson View Ignore other players in text and voicechat: !sm [playername] Ignore other players in text and voicechat. !su [playername] Unmute player !cm Check who you have self-muted Map Music Controller: !music Brings up the music menu Enable or disable their hitmarkers while shooting zombies or bosses !hitmarker !hm How to Buy Weapons from either way with names in chat exemple: !p90 !m249 !tazer VIP Commands: sm_vip (!vip , /vip) what did it do: Open VIP Menu !glow what did it do: makes your skin colored !rainbow what did it do: makes your skin colored randomly. !tags Opens chat tags menu. !settag Change tag text !viptest 1 day free VIP [VIP] ChatColors Emojis :ukraine: :russia: :germany: :poland: :austria: :france: :romania: :italy: :moldova: :rus: :ger: :nl: :japan: :belgium: :fin: :denmark: :sweden: :truefrance: :hun: :england: :poland: :lenny: :alenny: :ynnel: :rainbow: :feel: :chill: :cute: :shrug: :smile: :sad: :happy: :3: :dunno: :please: :table: :?: :over: :heart: :america: :derp: :played: :spider: :kris: :shaduw: :calc: :banned: Leader Allows for an admin to select or for regular players to vote for a human to be the leader for the current round. The leader gets special perks, like the ability to put defend here / follow me sprites above their head, place defend markers, toggle a rainbow beacon, custom chat, custom radio commands, and maybe more in the future. sm_leader (!leader) - Access the leader menu. sm_currentleader (!currentleader) - Shows the current leader. sm_voteleader <player> (!voteleader <player>) - Votes for the specified player to be leader. Required votes is current player count / 10.
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