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  1. 10 Game: EVE Online 15400 PLEX 😁
  2. cmer

    Shroomforest event.

  3. Bienvenue @guimauves!! Pleasure to play with you on the server 🧟‍♂️
  4. until

  5. until
    Hello everyone, sorry for the late announcement. For this event we'll be playing: ze_ffxii_ridorana_cataract_t5_3 Event Start 02pm GMT0 To check at which time the event is for you, check this website to give you an idea. Current time in UTC
  6. Привет !! To help our russian friends the forum is now available in russian. If you speak english, please share your skill for help russian guys to navigate the website. 🙂 Thanks to @Pif Paf for Russian translations. 👌
  7. until
  8. What's up guys! I hope you are doing well! Event Overview You think you're the best on mako or other laser fags map because you skip 4 poor laser? So, join us on weekdays to finally become a man on Zombie Escape. How To Win Finish this map on extrem. 1 month vip to all participants. It's already a lot. Informations Date: From Saturday 19th, 2PM GMT+0 to Saturday 19th 2020, 5PM GMT Server: [FR] Zombie Escape | supreme-elite.fr IP: Discord: https://discord.supreme-elite.fr Stats: https://stats.supreme-elite.fr/
  9. cmer

    map suggestion

    use this for map suggestion 🙂 👇👇 👇👇
  10. Cool thx !! I also made a playlist on spotify 😁