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  1. the smokegrenade "I'm faboulous" on jb_hello is only for terror, or aswell for ct?

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    2. Tchoymay
    3. DUble i Hunter

      DUble i Hunter

      not a weapon so it's for everyone i guess

    4. Sleris


      Well it's better if you don't take it as a CT as this is supposed to be a secret (you have to press some "secret" buttons to get it).

  2. je ne sais pas, a vous donnez les morts le droite de parle .. mais dans un autre post de forum la question etait "mtn le dernier 5 terrorist a le droite de parle, mais vous donnez le dernier 8 le droite de parle" anything new there?
  3. Salut les rebelles pourqoui pas un nom allemand mes racistes? Walter a dit Harald a dit Otto a dit Herbert a dit Klaus a dit Adolf a dit
  4. Winner best non french player: Tobi
  5. je suis une catin.

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    2. Tchoymay


      The 21st night of september ?

    3. 0RPHÉ0S0REX


      Love was changing the mind of pretenders

    4. Tepick


      While chasing the clouds away...

  6. can't join TS3 server after IP switch via Cyberghost?

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    2. kim


      on peut interdire le ts aux belges aussi?

    3. _Rodeur91


      interdir aux belges et aux suisses est une bonne idée je vote pour

    4. DUble i Hunter
  7. wish you all the best for your further future!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpiIOYjjMDQ
  9. Hahaha no worries Hunter, when someone starts this game it's like i can type kill in console for me :D Pokemon names are sadly different in all languages.. ok less pikatchu ..
  10. yes raphi, best team will earn a few credits that i will spend maybe we can switch to another after the half of time i would say vipinthemeix, spy_vs_spy or mlcastle should be put on are well known and have most games you guys think we should do it?
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