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  1. i will donate 1 free steam games for the winner of this contest. how does it works: post/pick a number between 1 - 50 and tell me what game you want. Example: 2 Counter strike source. if you dont post a number and a game, your not in the contest and im removing your post untill you post it right. Contest will ends when all 50 numbers is picked, or i say otherwise. Winners will be picked by www.random.org Good luck to all.
  2. Hello and welcome to Supreme Elite. i hope you enjoy your stay with us. can feel free to PM me or staff for questions.
  3. Hi and welcome to Supreme Elite. i hope you enjoy your stay with us. 🙂
  4. hmm.. not sure what these are gonna be good for in touchlight?
  5. Relax.. its only one day. I cant even play css before i buy new laptop. And dont tryhard for the score, as mentioned above me.
  6. Bolol

    map suggestion

    That pizza watch, like what the hell hahaha
  7. Bolol

    Admin skin

    Should add 1 admin human skin.
  8. I can start to make the first post to introduce my self. Im bolol, some knows me from other ze servers. im a danish viking. age of 29 with a legit small brain, and like to win zombie escape, but i lose most of time. i only like to play zombie games, except UFC and FIFA. i Play on PS4 aswell.