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  1. Hello im asking if we could add these sounds to torchlight and for the server, im asking to add genesis sounds from cosmo canyon and probably full music from ffvii Here are the sounds: Genesis: FFVII_Genesis_Phrase_1.mp3 FFVII_Genesis_Phrase_2.mp3 Pendulum: 5I_3_Pendulum_Self_vs_Self.mp3 FFVII_Propane_Nightmares.mp3 5I_1a_Pendulum_Bloodsugar.mp3 5I_1b_Pendulum_Slam.mp3 Other: 4EX_3_The_Qemists_Stompbox.mp3 Sephiroth: (From V6 Version) Seph_04_DodgeThis.mp3 Seph_06_Impressive.mp3 Seph_07_Iunderstand.mp3 Seph_11_Sa
  2. add those maps: zm_italy_elegant: http://css4.theabyss.ru/css/files/maps/zm_italy_elegant.bsp.bz2 zm_bank_office_v2: https://gamebanana.com/maps/download/171646 zm_day_lego_v2_fix: https://gamebanana.com/maps/download/160235