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  1. hey bro Watch your words i'm not trying to get in troubles here.
  2. like i said, i become active now 😄 i can play everyday 4-8 hours per day even 10 hours
  3. - Part 1 - Name Nizar Naimi Age 15 Official Steam-profile Sorry, i Lost my Account Gotta Create New One Discord nickname xMaradox~!#8388 Server Playtime i Won't Lie Its My First Time Playing It, So "2h 30m Hour" Your timezone GMT Your English level My English Skills Are Pretty Good ->8.5/10 - Part 2 - Do you have any experience in administrating servers? Yes i Do, i Had Like Admin in 3 Servers, But My Inactive Got me Demoted. Also Other Games That i Have Admin on it rn, but i become Active now a lot.