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Idée avec le serveur Minigame?

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Bonjour !!!


When i try to join the minigame server it ask me for the passwort. Maybe it got it's sense, otherwise someone maybe can explain.


Around the year 2008 i was active in the largest german cs:s community and we had the greatest fun with jail and minigame.


when you guys will pull the server up once, so that we could have a funny weekend evening i would like to please you


to use maps from this site: http://css.gamebanana.com/maps/cats/4226?vl



they are really great and the only thing that would be needed is ad admin to give gun's to everyone like on mg_balance


so it's just an idea but would be fun for sure.


Greetz, Tobi





Quand j'essaye dejoindre le serveurdemini-jeu, ilmedemande lepasswort.Peut-être qu'ila obtenu sonsens, sinonpeut-êtreque quelqu'unpeutexpliquer.

Autour de l'an2008, j'ai étéactif dansla plus grandecs:s allemandcommunautéet nous avons eule plus grandplaisir avecprisonetmini-jeu.

quandvous les garstirerle serveurune fois, de sorteque nous puissions avoirune soiréedrôledeweek-end, je tiens àvous plaire

à utiliser les cartesdece site:http://css.gamebanana.com/maps/cats/4226?vl[Page]=60&mid =SubmissionsList

ilssont vraiment très bienet la seule chosequi serait nécessaireestadadmin pourdonnergunàtout le monde commesurmg_balance

il est doncjusteune idée, maisce serait amusantpourvous.



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Hi Tobi, the minigame server doesn't exist anymore, this is why you can't join it :)


When it was active we used a lot of maps from gamebanana.


You just showed us why google translate is so bad with a long sentence ^^

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Hi, the minigame server is closed for a month now, the provider is using the IP for another server (ESL war), it's not ours anymore^^





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