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ZE General Rules

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General Rules

These rules apply to Zombie Escape server. Punishments and actions taken depend on the severity of the offense.

  • No racism.
  • Don't be disrespectful to other players or admins. 
  • This includes sexism, any kind of discrimination, or racism.
  • No hacks and/or bhop scripts. The use of any hack or script will be punished and can lead to a permanent ban.
  • No mic/chat spamming or excessive yelling, unless an admins says otherwise based on a popular vote.
  • Do not impersonate admins/players.
  • Listen to admins; They have the final say.
  • No advertising.
  • DO NOT join the "dead" team


Server Specific Rule

These rules only apply to the Zombie Escape server

  • No edging. "Edging" is when a player sits on the edge of a hold point, leaving himself vulnerable to the zombies. Once infected, edgers attack nearby humans, causing a chain reaction which usually results in the end of the round.
  • Do not purposely become a zombie. Admins will enforce this rule with an intensity dependent on available zombie items, number of spawn zombies or simply just the nature of the map. 
  • Do not reveal map exploits to others. Not every map is perfect. If there is a map glitch that could turn the round on the flip-side, don't tell the entire server about it. Do not encourage or explain the glitch to others, and of course, don't glitch yourself.
  • No ruining rounds on purpose. Some maps require items or materials so that it can be won. Dropping an item that is key to beating a map into an unreachable area can ruin the entire round. This isn't always applicable, but it is a prime example of how a round can be ruined. The above rules also apply to this.
  • Hyperscroll and bhop scripts are not allowed due to gaining a significant advantage over other players, normal bhop is allowed.
  • Do not talk politics on the server. This will most likely always turn out bad.
  • False Commanding will most likely get you muted.
  • In ZE, any form of racism will get you muted. So think about what you're going to say first.


Frowned Upon Action

These aren't really liked or enjoyed by the more experienced players on the server, but nonetheless, there are no rules that cover these.

  • Delaying rounds. On some maps there is a possibility to hide, or stand in an unreachable area for zombies which forces everyone to wait for the round to end. This will usually ends with an admin slaying the few CTs that are still alive.
  • Not using, P90, or M249. These weapons are hailed as the most effective weapons in zombie escape. It's a shame to see someone fire an AK47, with zero bullets hitting the zombies. You are not forced to use any specific weapons.
  • Door-hugging. The act of looking at a door while not defending at a hold point, don't do it.
  • Picking on people. Human beings make mistakes, please don't spend time explaining how bad they are, tell them what went wrong and what they can do to improve.
  • Negativity. Try to not be a negative Nancy, keep your chin up and make the best of it, no matter how grim the situation might be.





  • Please use discretion and allow time for new players to learn the rules.
  • Punishments can include warnings, slay, kick, ban (not necessarily in that order).
  • If you are punished by an admin, take a deep breath and try to understand what you did before you complain.
  • To talk directly to admins, use team chat and type @ before your sentence (i.e. @what's up admins?).


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