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Map List and Suggestions

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On the same idea as Neon from unloze, we will follow the maps on server.


You can suggest maps in this thread. Use the following template when suggesting:

  • Map name:
  • Map download link:
  • Map size:
  • Stages/items?:
  • Reason to add:

You can also suggest changing settings on existing maps. Here is the legend showing you what the tags stand for below on the list.


Legend of the List

- MAPS are on Rotation.
- MAPS are not on Rotation and Admin Nomination only.

- CROWDSPAWN marked Maps have spawn in crowd enabled.
- FAILNADES AWP marked Maps have a very high grenade knockback and AWPs are enabled.
- NEMESIS marked Maps have Nemesis-Mode enabled.
- HIGH-CD marked Maps have a very high cooldown (amount of maps needed between until you can nominate that map again).




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Map name: ze_rooftop_runaway2_v5 EASY NEMESIS FAILNADES+AWP

Map download link: it is not necessary, it is on this list.

Map size: Short

Stages/items?: there is not

Reason to add: I think it is a fun map, although it is repetitive it is still entertaining.


Map name: ze_roof_adventure_v5s NORMAL (name of the map is in yellow because I want it to be in rotation) 

Map download link: the same, it is on this list.

Map size: it is not big but its duration is long because its difficulty changes in each level.

Stages/items?: both.

Reason to add: This map can be useful for those who don't know how to use the items, using items here is simple but needs supervision so that players don't make mistakes with the rock item.

about me: It is one of my favorite maps, once they are playing it I dont doubt it and I enter to play.

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Map name: ze_surf_sky_b3 NORMAL
Map download link: https://gamebanana.com/maps/213615
Map size: 17MB
Stages/items?: No stages/No items
Reason to add: Recently released new surf map with nice music

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Map Name: ze_surf_danger NORMAL


Size : 18.5mb


                           Dont forget to add!!  [ My Steam Profile]                           



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