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Hello , Supreme Elite 

Members / Admins

i think this is best tricks all other community have this tricks.

We can add Ban request / Unban Request and Gag/Ungag request system in forum 

with demo player can report other cheater , server killer people who dont follow the server rules


First Of all 

need to record <demoname> [type on console]

Player name and SteamId , u can find it [type "status" on console]

and reason

then admin will see demo and decide what need to do?

admin can ban player using Sourcebans admin need to login to sourcebans using admin steam profile.


                           Dont forget to add!!  [ My Steam Profile]                           



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  • Lead Admin

Actually not a bad idea but tbh atm i think  its not necessary to have this system since we got enough admins to look over the few players we have i mean if the server would reach an average player count of maybe 40 then i think this system would be good.

btw i think if someone sees someone cheating they just should use report and then maybe the map on which this happend so we could look after it in the demos just my opinion

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Hi Azer_

You are right but 

When admin is not in game then u already seen many player insulting and spamming mic spamming so its necessary in my point of view

                           Dont forget to add!!  [ My Steam Profile]                           



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  • Lead Technical

I also agree with Azer, there is the report feature for now, reports can be found in #reports-alerts

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