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Asking If there is any CS:GO Server of supreme-elite.fr

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Il y a 3 heures, _DivyamLMAO_ a dit :

Hello there,
I am _DIvyamLMAO_,
I just wanna ask that if there is a CS:GO servers of yours.



Not yet, but maybe oneday there will be one. 

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We had one. But it is closed because of no one was on the server. Not sure if its still alive

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It's harder to launch a csgo server, because people join ONLY if the server is already half full. So at the beginning you find some motivated people, you can make some nice events, but after couple weeks, there is less and less people, we already tried last year and spent lots of nights working on these servers... At least if we want to create them again, everything is ready 😄



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