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Thank you all for participating on the event

i changed the winning condition a little bit so it would make more sense my bad^^

for every prize i made 2 winners 😄


1st. -  15 Steam Gift Card or paypal   - Winning all last stages @cron

i will contact you

2nd. - 10€ Steam Gift Card  or paypal   - Winning last stage pkmn or doom and pkmn (i changed it its better like this)

ppl who won the random roulette : @LowPartyRice

i will contact u guys

3rd. -  5€  Steam Gift Card  or paypal   - Winning last stage crash and doom (or won prize 2 and didnt won at the random roulette)

ppl who won the random roulette:  Sr.Hoa  and Rocklee

i will contact u guys



Thanks everyone for participating, and special thanks to @RockLeeTheGreenBeast for leading 

winner 2nd.PNG

winner 2nd 1.PNG

winner 3rd.PNG

winner 3rd 1.PNG

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