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Suggestions for EVENT #9

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  • Lead Technical

Hi, we decided to make a poll for the next event,post your suggestions in a comment in this thread and we will make a vote between all of them

You specify the following parameters:

  • Maps*: which maps are we going to play during the event (can be a single map event)
  • Special Parameters: you can if you want specify special stuff to happen during the event like for example: Higher zombie to human ratio,nemesis mode,custom weapon requirements,no items

You cannot choose these maps: ze_doom_v1_1,ze_crashbandicoot_v1fix,ze_pkmn_adventure_v8_6s_fix2 (as they were played in the last event)

The person who posted the event with the most votes will get 1000 Ingame credits as reward,You also get 200 credits for participating with an event idea.

Your event can be a serious event with hard maps or it could be a more casual event but you should add fun parameters if it's the case.

-You have until 07/04/2021 @20h utc+1 to nominate maps and I will create the voting thread with 5 selected events to choose from.

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