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  1. Name: PrEdAtOr
  2. Age: 19
  3. Official Steam-profilehttps://steamcommunity.com/id/wheredidthetimego/
  4. Discord nickname: PrEdAtOr
  5. Server Playtime: 40 hr
  6. Your timezone: same as paris
  7. Your English level: Perfect at writing/reading
  8. Do you have any experience in administrating servers?
    Yes I have my own private server where I test plugins/maps
  9. Do you have any experience in SourceMod?
    I know all basic sm commands
  10. Other stuff and/or last words? Type here anything else you have in mind and finish your application in style!
    I play in late night and early morning when not many admins are online.
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  • Lead Technical
9 minutes ago, Tryhard_2 said:

This may sound kinda weird but the account you linked is named exodus but your ingame name is predator + there are a lot of accounts with same name how can we know which is truly you

This is the good account, I've checked 😉

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  • Lead Admin

- I don’t have much to say accualy,i’ve seen you in the server before and you play good so from checking the other admins reviews it’s a +1 for me and gl.

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  • Server Admin

neutral as I haven't had much interaction with the player, but would like to commend them on testing plugins and learning source mod commands.

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  • Lead Technical




You will be contacted soon over our Discord to talk about your application. You will need your microphone.
Go to https://discord.supreme-elite.fr if you haven't joined it yet, and enable Private Messages.
We'll also be able to explain some administration stuff and to answer your questions if you want.


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